U.S. Army adopts mindfulness practice

Mindfulness means monitoring your thoughts and emotions throughout the day. It is to be present in the moment and to focus on whatever you are working on.

The U.S Army is offering soldiers an ancient alternative to traditional methods of coping with deployment stress. “Mindfulness is a simple but ancient approach to living, which Western medicine has begun to recognize as a powerful tool for dealing with stress, illness and other medical or psychological conditions, and it can help soldiers in any circumstance”, said Army Maj. Victor Won, deputy assistant chief of staff for intelligence in 1st Armored Division’s general staff section. “Just as running or lifting weights can improve physical fitness, a daily routine of mindfulness will help to strengthen coping mechanisms, making it easier to recognize and react to negative emotions so they don’t grow stronger”, Won said.

If mindfulness practice is good enough for the most powerful military force in the history of the world, it is good enough for us too. We have and will continue to talk about mindfulness in class as it is such an essential part of today’s stressful world.